Studying the mind

Alisa is a Berlin based artist, writer and yoga- and meditation teacher and degreed cultural-scientist. Always interested in the human mind and its expression in different cosmovisions Alisa studied Latin American Studies, Literature and Theater in Mexico City (UNAM) and history in Berlin. She is currently researching about shamanistic practices at Humboldt-University Berlin to finish her master degree in cultural science. Her academic background is a strong influence providing profound content in all of her workshops. A will to create something truly mind opening brings together her diverse interests and therefore invites to experience the connection between science, art and consciousness. Since February 2018 she is part of the  CoCreation.Loft– a community place to co-create new perspectives for a more sustainable future.

Yoga, Meditation, Retreats

From her different passions, Alisa evolved her particular Meditation Practice- the Music Meditation Journey bringing together mindfulness, sound and poetry. She hosts yoga and meditation retreats, organizes regular sessions of different kinds together with her team and musicians from Soneiro Collective. At the Soneiro retreats the focus lies on a yogic program, enriched by meditation, sound, circles and philosophy classes. The Fullmoon Seminars are a retreat series for women that is happening every 1-3 month since 2017 and open to all women.

The yoga teacher and meditation training Alisa absolved in a desert camp in Baja California Mexico. Since then she is constantly expanding her knowledge and skills and attending trainings and seminars besides her studies.


Since 2016 each summer Alisa goes on international Festival tour with her team members from Soneiro Collective, creating conscious experiences in Europe and abroad. But not just in summer, also during the year you can meet Soneiro Collective at different Festivals. The Tour dates for 2018 will be announced soon at Soneiro Collectives webpage.


In 2014 Alisa founded the nonprofit organisation YOGA FOR OTHERS e.V. (YFO) to bring Yoga and Meditation to people in need. Since then the organisation held donation based workshops (in 2016 monthly) and for several months weekly yoga and relaxation courses in Refugee camps in Berlin.

Creating landscapes with words

Eight years ago Alisa began to work as a Freelance Journalist in Germany, writing for Tagesspiegel, Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung and the German Press Agency dpa and other media. Journalism provided her the opportunity to travel and write at the same time: In Mexico City she was published in art magazines and wrote for the cultural section of Oaxacas newspaper, as a travel journalist she lived for a few months on the Canary islands, with the organization Journalists without Borders, she went to Morocco and as a freelancer for german culture magazines she afforded her travels in Latin America. As she is right now writing mainly in academic fields she finds balance in going into a free flow of poetry and lyric for the music meditations and other musical or performance projects.