Monthly Yoga Workshop at the Loft


*limited spots (small group), please register by writing to:


VINYASA, featuring YIN Yoga , PRANAYAMA breathing techniques, MINDFUL MEDITATION and LIVE MUSIC. See the different workshops below
*for beginners and advanced (basic yoga level required)
*each date a different focus that we bring into the asana-, meditation practice and a the music/ philosophy input
* bring a mat if you have (for those who don´t we have one for you)
* bring a shavasana blanket or pullover
* please try to be there at 7.15pm so we can start on time

FB Link for updates


JULY 18- Partneryoga- sharing the experience
AUGUST 22- Backbends- opening the Heart
SEPTEMBER 26- YinYoga+Pranayama- going deeper


In a world that’s increasingly disconnected the is a place to not only to work but to grow, be inspired and to belong. The CoCreation-Loft is not a normal co-working or event space. It aims to be a home to people who are open to explore new ways of doing things and work together for the conscious development of individuals, businesses, and society. It´s beautiful rooms provide us with a conscious energy to go deep into the practice.



*Each of the 5 dates has a different focus and shows different yoga sequences, breathing and meditation techniques, we also incorporate parts of live music and mantra singing

*It is open to everybody, also if you missed the first classes or you already know, that you can just come to a few, you are very invited to come to several or all the workshops, so we can go on this journey together. but you are also welcome, if you can just come to one.

*each class stands for itself, so you can drop in at any time (if a space is left), so please reserve asap for the dates you want to join

*a basic understanding for yoga is necessary to follow the sequences. we give options in the asanas to suit the different yoga levels

*if non-german speakers are in the course we hold it in English, otherwise in German

*we have yoga mats there, but ask you to bring your own, since we don´t have enough for everybody. please also bring a shavasana blanket or something to cover yourself (pullover also works) for the final meditation

*we send out a mail before the class to the participants. if you can not come please cancel asap so somebody else can have the spot

Thank you for reading until here 🙂 beautiful day!

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