Fullmoon Seminars Part II

This is part two of a three part series to dive into the forgotten wisdom of the feminine. It is open to all women, and the former attendance to Part I is not obligatory.  On the fundament of academic discourses, scientific researches same as eastern practices and traditions we cultivate awareness and bring more understanding into femininity in all it´s different aspects. The Fullmoon Seminars offer a wide program- both theoretical and practical.

The Fullmoon Seminars

Each of the three parts will happen twice, so you can decide which date you participate. . After the three parts there will be a full week program (announced in summer), which is open to all those who participated in at least one of the former seminars (Part I, II or III) to go deeper into the topic. The circles will be held in German and English (if needed).

When:  February 24-25. 2018 and May 26&27

Scroll down for more information..

•• Program Saturday: CYCLES ••

11am-1pm     Introduction, Theory, Discussion

1pm-3pm       Lunch in the historic city center of Potsdam (freetime)

3pm-6pm      Alternative Medicine Workshop

6pm-8pm      Pranayama & Yin Yoga at the chimney  

8.30pm          Ayurvedic Dinner

•• Program Sunday: FEMININITY ••

8.30               Ayurvedic Breakfast

10 am-12pm Theory, Discussion

12 -2pm  Lunch in the historic city center of Potsdam (freetime)

2pm-4pm    Pranayama & Yin Yoga at the chimney 

4pm-5pm   Meditation and Closing

Fundament for this is Alisa’s academic research same as practical education and artistic approach.

For this gathering we leave Berlin and surrender to the beauty of the historic Dutch Quarter in Potsdams city center (30-40 min. from Berlin). The beautiful parks and lakes around our location invite for walk and contemplation. You are more than welcome to come alone, with your girlfriend, sister or mother.

Fullmoon Seminars.png

☆ Saturday: CYCLES ☆

Becoming aware and understanding the monthly cycle of the moon was already contemplated in Part I. Again we will look at the moon´s journey through different states of existence and consciousness which brings a deep understanding about the inner cycles of each women´s body, mind and soul. Additionally we will go deeper into the meaning of a CYCLE in this section. We will look at different texts and traditions that teach us about the cycles of life. Meditations and Rituals for different cycles are shown same as practical knowledge for cycle transitions.

☆ Sunday: FEMININITY ☆

What is your actual perception of “femininity”, what did influence you to create this perception? Which tendencies can we find in our modern society? And how was femininity perceived in ancient cultures? we want to look into ancient traditions and long forgotten belief-systems, question them and put them into a modern understanding. Finding the roots of what we call femininity nowadays. Modern feminine topics are also part of this section, together with feminine practices for a conscious everyday life.

Provided: material for the seminar (texts, documents, charts); yoga mats and blankets; tea

You need a place to stay? We have limited rooms available in the Dutch Quarter in Potsdam. 

Energetic Exchange:

Seminarfee:    150€

students: 130€ (just with valid student ID)

Returnee (you participated in FS I): 130€

If you book two seminars at once 120€ each.

Roomfee: 35€ per person per night. is seperate and includes the meals in the house. We have double and group rooms. First come first serve. You can come Friday night (Check-In from 5pm on, or Saturday morning, Check-In 10am).

A very small amount of women (max.12) can participate, so please register as soon as possible, as you write a mail to: info@yogalisa.de

The location

in winter the dutch quarter in Potsdam seems to be a place taken out of fairy tale wonders…smell of chimneys fills the street, the baroquean red brick houses are shining out in contrast to the grey shadowed surroundings of winter. It feels like a time travel to enter this beautiful and well preserved historic monument. Stepping out of the House where our seminar takes place you can turn to the left and in 10 min walks you stand in front of one of the most precious of prussian cultural heritage: The Castle of Sans Souci. Or you turn to the right and again after 10 min walks from our location you find yourself in the middle of an other palace garden: Neuer Garten with the Marmor Palais, and world cultural heritage: Cecilienhof.

After your booking you will receive the address and further information.

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