Analog moments: Sardinia

I share some analog pictures that I took during our Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Sardinia. I shot them in the in-between-moments and whenever I had a free minute. It is a personal gaze into the preparation of the retreat and our team moments rather than a retrospective of the official event. These are just a few pictures. My favorite ones I will show in an exhibition happening this winter. Scroll down for more information.



…Leone, the sweet orphan sheep that struggled with serious health issues. Whenever he heard Temple or Alo playing music, he came as close as possible, to feel the vibration of the sound and let it resonate within himself. He knew what did him good…


…and he loved to just be part of it…looking for human company. In that moment shown in a double exposure I was finalizing the program for the coming five days…


….Kimi and Elisabeth, also part of Soneiro Collective, having a good time on the terrace where we, except the pizza night, enjoyed all the meals…


…on the third day we made an excursion into the woods and meadows of the sardinian mountains, visited a prehistoric cave and then settled down for some philosophy. I love to share theoretical same as practical knowledge about chakras and how to include chakra activating and balancing methods in the everyday life….


This magical double exposure Temple took on the top of a mountain at a catholic sanctuary. I didn´t even notice him taking it…It was the last day of our retreat when we walked up the summit for a final meditation in movement and stillness, a circle to share and connect..


…walking down the mountain with my godmother and yoga partner Jana who joined that time as a participant…


….walking through the village of Sorradile feels like a journey back in time sometimes…dreamy dreamy moments….


…we  brought some lights and installed a super beautiful scenery for the last night´s Dinner: homemade Steinofen Pizza made by our hosts Sandra and Alo and live concert and DJ Set from Temple!


…after the Retreat a few participants and us as a Team stayed to enjoy the local village celebration happening that day..people served homemade cheese, wine and the delicous sardinian bread…


I hope you enjoyed my analog snapshots! A few more are about to come….My favorite ones I am still keeping secret since I  plan a photo mixed media exhibition happening this winter. For this event I will share the best analog shots from Guatemala, Mexico, Sardinia, Malaga, Bulgaria and the rest of our Tour and Summer together with a Sound and Light Installation.

Stay tuned.


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