Retreat Retrospective Sardinia

We like to share some moments in pictures some feelings put into words about our Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Sardinia. These pictures where shot in the very short in-between-moments, since we don´t shoot in the ceremonies or sessions, and what comes out are colored snapshots of something that is impossible to catch.

Enjoy the snapshots. Our next Retreat is happening in one of our very favorite locations in Germany. Join us for 3 days magic at the end of this summer. Click here for more information. And yes, next year we will journey into the mediterranean sun again for a longer retreat, we will keep you updated***


During this 5 day journey a collective mood was very present. Everybody seemed to feel delighted of each single part of the retreat. For us as a team it is nourishing to be with participants who are open, loving and caring and although people came from so many different places and backgrounds it didn´t take long to feel a homogenous and organic group flow. It was because of the openness that people brought, because of our program that went straight to the heart, with lots of open talks, self reflection and deep dives into a conscious approach on life. The incredible landscape of Sardinians Mountains formed the breathtaking setting of our gathering. Daily we went out together for circles and rituals in ancient and sacred places in the mountains.


Our days started at 8.30 with meditation, followed by a Vinyasa Morning Flow. In the Afternoon we had a nature expedition, a theory circle or Yoga Workshop such as Yin Yoga. At night we invited to Sound Events- Music Meditation and Soundbath, Fullmoon Circle or Mantra Singing Workshop or one special night we enjoyed Temples Live DJ Set and concert after homemade Steinofen Pizza. Following the Nada Brahma credo sound is an elemental part of our happenings- not just in the musical events at night, also at the end of each Yoga Session we love to play live in Shavasana and sing mantras before the food.IMG_9147


We were very spoiled by the delicious food made by Alo and Sandra, the hosts of our beautiful Retreat Location. Italian Yogi food that was just to good to be true 🙂

IMG_9329SONY DSCIMG_9394IMG_9465

SONY DSCIMG_9493IMG_9112SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC18674843_10212760383905920_1704342795_oIMG_9373IMG_8355

We are all still enjoying the positive aftereffects of these 5 mindfull days of connection, heartconsciousness and enjoyment..

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