Music Meditation at Agape Zoe Festival

The wonderful Grit Siwonia took some pictures during our Music Meditation Journey at Agape Zoe Healing Arts Festival.

During many meditations I feel how “into it” people are; see their bodies shaking, crying, releasing, going through intense feelings and experiences. This time people reported states of trance, lucid dreaming, mind opening moments, and extremely corporal experiences through the resonance we build with our instruments. One day later some of the participants told me that they still felt the meditation working in them and that they have to take the time to write their experiences down as it is a lot to process. I am so touched to see how impactful our project is… And even though the peoples experiences are intense and heavy, they always feel released afterwards, as we are not just pushing them into extreme situations but also guiding them back to light.

Next official date: October 23rd at Yoga Sky Berlin. Click here to go to the Facebook-Event.

Here is a little Diashow of the moments before the journey began. She shot these photos at the beginning, when we were still preparing the space, the people, the vibe and ourselves to go into a deep experience.

Musicians: Temple Haze  & Kaio Moraes

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