Consciousness Ceremonies at Artlake Festival

The last big festival of this season so far: Artlake Festival at Bergheider See. We setup this magical space called „Zauberwald“ to host different ceremonies, rituals and meditations every day – Soundhealing, chakra meditation, sacred women circle and the Partneryoga at the beach were just a few to count. We were so surprised by the incredible amount of people joining our sessions, not just hopping in but staying until the last minute of deep meditation experience

After many festivals this season in different countries with different teams, this one was the most beautiful way to celebrate the seasons end. We will perform at other events (like Agape Zoe Healing Arts Festival in Berlin 10th and 11th of September) and host our own Soundhealings, Workshops, Retreats and concerts (subscribe for Newsletter). Here are some pictures from Artlake ..

Namasté 🙂

Thanks to Temple for the musical and technical supervision, Kaio for the magic on the Violin and Leo for the Photos!

Friday Afternoon Opening Ritual


Saturday Chakra Meditation- wow so many people came and joined the meditation ritual which took almost 2 hours.




Saturday Night Highlight: Soundhealing


Kaio, me, the Gong and Temple


The initiation rite to start the session


In total around 150 people joined the Soundhealing session. Although the night brought mosquitoes and haze people stayed till the end of the session. We received so much interesting feedback of their experiences. Thank you guys!


Kaio on the Violin00P1230325


Looking forward to next year.


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