Festival Fever

This summer I am hopping from one festival to the next, more than ten bookings in five different countries. Every time it is an extremely magical, limit expanding and connecting experience and I am thankful to contribute to those special happenings. With this I share some snapshots of the latest Festival we have been to: Wilde Möhre Festival (12-14 August). On Saturday Night we guided more than a hundred people at the Lichtung Stage through a mystical journey of sound, poetry, aromatherapy and healing touch.

I am still waiting for the analogue photos to develop, I will share some. Not every festival has photos but I share my experiences with you in the coming happenings 🙂

The next public Soundhealing takes place on August 27 at the beautiful Loft Studio Yoga Sky Berlin. Link

The next Festivals: Artlake Festival (August 19 to 21st) and Agape Zoe Healing Arts Festival (10th and 11th of September)


This photo was shot during one of the most paradisiac rehearsals we have had so far. A day by the lake with friends and family, many open hearted musicians and a magical show at the Lichtung at midnight. In Love and gratitude to work with such talented and beautiful people.


Enchanting woods.


One of my favorite Festival companies: my mom. Always caring, always sharing, always relaxed and in a good mood. I give her energy when she is tired and she helps me when my batteries are low. My friends and the other artists I work with see her as the Crewmom who brings a grounding energy into the group, in which everybody can melt to feel loved and protected 🙂


The Musikmeditationsreise at Midnight. Pretty much to dark to take photos though 🙂


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