Shoeless Festival Retrospective


We knew it was going to be an extremely beautiful experience, but we never expected something that extraordinary.

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The days before our departure were quite intense. We spent long nights in the studio producing the teaser track for our performance, gathering all the stage props together, while we attended different other events… As soon as we were in Amsterdam we fully surrendered to the present moment and dived into the magic that was Shoeless Festival.


Considering it was our debut performance we wanted to go with the flow and not fix a time to perform when we arrived. After spending the day dancing, connecting and feeling the vibe we decided to connect with the festivals energy at its maximum: Sunday, 3pm at the Kosmos Stage.



This slot was not just at the closing day of this festival weekend but also the last day of the last shoeless festival ever.


At 3pm the sun was burning, the music was at its peak and the movement of the festival stood in the zenith of its fluctuation. Actually not the best moment for an introspective, calm and conscious healing performance which requires you to stay, sit, slow down and focus.


It was a good challenge, and it worked. Our intention was to share the experiences we had when we were in México this winter and make people feel what we felt. Bewitching them, connect strangers, letting them feel and trust us, sharing, inspiring and making them question their present situation to come in a more conscious state of mind.


Seeing as it was a festival, another intention was to offer the audience a transcendent experience without the need to induct substances.


We received a lot of inspiring feedback. Most of the people have never experienced something like this they said.



Interesting was that many people talked about their feelings after the show and apparently it continued to have an effect for the rest of the festival as they reported different after effects..


We were supported by three empathic musicians: Laurance Trille (Voodohop, São Paulo), Stephane Salerno and Yassin Cherif (Jugurtha, Paris/Marseille).


Thank you guys for your presence.



11The next Performance will take place in Zurich, July 23th

Alisa Portuondo and Livia Stucki

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