Ometeotl Festival México

An entrance into another world within which music, art, shamanism and the duality of the Universe are combined. Ometeotl is both a god and goddess in Aztec culture, this was reflected through the festival in the great variety of experiences to be had for both masculine and feminine aesthetics.

I had the pleasure to work at the healing space. In individual sessions I guided meditations, using different instruments, aroma therapy and the healing power of poetry. As it was a festival the ongoing intense beat of the main floor was omnipresent, but instead of fighting against the noise, I worked with the vibration and frequencies of the festival.

I met so many interesting people, learned from shamans, and had the opportunity to go deeper into the extremely interesting and colorful culture of the Wirrarika tribe as many Wirrarikas were present at the festival. In my cultural studies at Humboldt- University Berlin as same as in the university in Mexico city I researched a lot about that tribe in the past years- didn´t expect to meet Wixárikas at a psytrance festival though.

A truly blooming expedition through the mexican landscape of indigenous healing art, music and awareness.

What a unique experience. Thanks Ometeotl.

ps: still waiting for the analogue pictures to be developed…a few digital impressions:




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