The nightly Sun // Yin and Yang

Those photos where taken during a theatre festival where I worked last summer. Days of long shifts working behind the scenes and on stage, we dived into a world of extreme characters of all eras, expressing their reality not just with conventional performances but also in dance, performative acts and music.

One night, after I don´t know how many shows, we were walking through what we called our cosmos for that time. At the coldest hour of that night we found a shining sun. I called it the nightly sun- it made me think about it as a beautiful allegory of the Yin and Yang concept. Yin stands for the moon, the feminine, the passive and according to the psychoanalyst C.G. Jungs’ concept of archetypes also for the subconscious, the mysterious. The sun instead is the powerful and masculine contrarian of the former.

Balance always requieres both- light and darkness and this nightly sun brought it all together. It was visible only from a certain angle, which we proofed through the cameras lense. Isn´t that an other beautiful allusion to what we call reality? It is about the angle from which we perceive our environment.

Choose the path of imagination and you might find something magical…


Behind the lens: Hanna Sander

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