Book launching

Launching of „Tree of Hope“ an interactive schoolbook to which I contributed as a co-author.

The young generation is our planet’s future. For this reason the educational work on awareness for our environmental situation cannot begin early enough. This schoolbook brings the experience and the research of young journalists and environmentalists from all over the world together and invites the students to work with their findings. It offers a non euphemistic sight on our clima crisis: it critizises political systems and shows chances and solutions by inviting readers to overthink their everyday lifes and carboon footprint.

I spent the last months of my stay in Mexico in different communities in the djungle of Chiapas and in Baja Californias desert, living almost without electricity (solely solar electricity). Back in Berlin my aim was to be more conscious about my carboon footprint, my impact on the environment, despite living in a big city. I started with a quite drastical change: I tried not to produce any carboon emissions for one week – which meant no electricity, no heating- almost no comfort. In the beginning it was quite hard, especially because it was winter but step by step it became easier to follow this path. After the diet I resumed the experience, focusing on what I could constantly integrate into my everyday life and what would be impossible as a city dweller. I illustrated the résumé of my carboon diet in a report which can now be read in the above mentioned book.

Everybody in the audience was waiting for the arrival of our federal chancellor, Angela Merkel, who wrote the book’s introduction. Understandably she had to face issues of higher priority and couldn´t join the event. I took a picture with the actor Dieter Hallervorden, who has also contributed to the project. A very funny person 🙂

Check out your personal carboon footprint, and be surprised by the result:


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