New Year’s Enchantment

Covered in snow the new year reveals itself slowly. Although New Years Eve has passed change continues to come to light and we find ourselves in a retrospective or a prophetic state of mind. What has happened in my life within the last 12 months? What will happen to me this year? For sure, to think about this you don’t need a fiscal change of the year, which is actually just a construct, a performative act, manifested in the collective subconsciousness of many different cultures all over the world which invites people to ask themselves those questions at least once a year.

For years I have been cultivating a tradition on New Year’s Eve or one of the first days of the year to let go of the „old“ and manifest the „new“. The latter is something quite magic, for in the act of writing down intentions and wishes for the next year the power of attraction becomes immanent- when I read old lists I realize with astonishment that most of it came true.

This New Year´s Eve I had the pleasure to hold a ceremony with people who were completely new to this as well as to people who are familiar with that practice. Meditation, pre-Columbian Mexican rituals to cleanse and writings created a contemplative way to finish off the year. During the workshop this Sunday (January, 10th) in Potsdam we will combine that same New Year’s ceremony with Yoga and meditation.


You don’t need a New Year to think about what you really want and write it down. Do it now. If you need some ideas for the next year let the German artist Joseph Beuys inspire you; You might put some (or all) of his suggestions on your 2016 To-do-list:

“Let yourself fall.

Learn to observe snakes.

Plant impossible gardens.

Let someone dangerous in for tea.

Make small signs that say “yes”

and spread them all over your house.

Become a friend of freedom and uncertainty.

Look forward to dreaming. Cry at the movies.

Swing as high as you can on a swing at moonlight.

Maintain different moods.

Refuse to be “responsible”.

Do it out of love.

Take a lot of naps.

Pass on money. Do it now.

The money will follow.

Laugh a lot. Bathe in the moonlight.

Dream wild, imaginative dreams.

Draw on the walls. Read every day.

Imagine you are enchanted.

Giggle with children. Listen to old people.

Open yourself. Dive in. Be free.

Praise Yourself. Let go of fear.

Play with everything. Preserve the child in you.

You are innocent.

Build a castle of covers

Get wet. Hug trees.

Write loveletters.”

Joseph Beuys [1921-1986]



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