My little Pai do not let me go

Some magic moments in the enchanting landscape of Pai, a village in the mountains of northern Thailand. If you go to Thailand- go there. You gonna probably ask Pai to not let you go… for sure.

The story of those pictures seems quite allegoric to me. When we left Chiang Mai I had to take out all my analogue film rolls. A routine when you travel. Usually I have them all ready to show. But this time I didn´t finish the last film, which was still in the camera. The analogue camera seemed quite odd to the airport staff which is why they forced me to open it. I pleased them not to, explaining that there was still a film inside.. but no way. In the blinding light of the security control I had to open it twice.

First I had a hard time to apply how a “yogini” should react in a case like this: letting go.
“you have all the memories in your head. you saw them all through the lens, you don´t need them printed” I told myself. After breathing deeply in and out I kind of knew that it will come like it should. According to experience all is gonna be good in the end. I convinced myself that the film will be fine and I realized that it was actually just my projection of the melancholia I felt of leaving Pai.

Realising this, I totally let go.
And this is what happened to the pictures:pai1

Gescanntes Bild-29



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