Many times people ask me, when I will teach the next YFO workshop- there you go:

Sunday, 20th of December from 3.15pm to 5.30pm at Yoga Sky Berlin.

I am very excited to do this together with Rosa Stark, who will bring her reed organ to (en)chant this workshop.


Facebooklink: https://www.facebook.com/events/1239927986023855/

Workshopdescription (german and english):

Für alle, die dieser ganz besonderen Yoga Methode noch nicht begegnet sind: es ist ein regeneratives Yoga, wobei die Asanas (Haltungen) länger als gewöhnlich gehalten werden, ohne dabei aktive Muskelkraft zu gebrauchen. Es werden somit tieferliegende Organe und im Besonderen das Bindegewebe und Faszien angesprochen und stellt somit den perfekten Ausgleich zu allen aktiven Sport- und Bewegungsarten dar. Dehnung, Entspannung, Stressreduzierung sind nur einige der positiven Effekte, die das Yin Yoga mit sich bringt.
Begleitet wird der Workshop von dem Klang eines indischen Harmoniums, das Rosa Stark spielen wird, und ausgewählten kurzen Texten buddhistischer Philosophie, die Alisa vortragen wird.
Der Workshop richtet sich an alle Levels. MItbringen brauchst du nichts. Es gibt Tee und Matten vor Ort.
Mindestspende: 10 Euro
Spendenzweck wird die Tage bekannt gegeben.


For all of you, who didn´t come across this particular style of Yoga yet: it is a regenerative Yoga in which we hold the asanas for longer periods of time without using active muscular contraction. As it targets your joints, tissues and ligaments, rather than your muscles it is the perfect complement to any other excercises or active Yoga styles. The benefits of Yin Yoga are plenty. To name only a few: it enhances flexibilty and helps to let go of tension, it improves joint mobility and reduces stress and anxiety by activating the parasympathetic nervous system. Although it is a passive yoga style, it can be quite challenging: due to the long duration of a pose it is a very intense experience. Yin Yoga teaches us to be present in the moment and letting go of anything that takes us away from fully surrendering to the posture and thereby to the present moment. During the poses you will be listening to selected pieces of music and extracts of indian philosophy. Previous knowledge is not requiered. Inflexibility should be of no concern, as we are going to work on that. Give it a try and enjoy this magical yoga practice!
This workshops is open for all levels. You don´t have to bring anything.

Min. Donation: 10 Euro.

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