Temple Ceremony in Bali


I shot that photo on the first day of a 3day long Hindu ceremony in Badung, Bali in October this year. The first time that I became aware of the ceremonies at the beach temple was actually when I was standing on my surfboard. What a amazing sight, to see in the chaos of surfers, sun worshippers and stray dogs gathering around the Hindus dressed in white, bringing offerings to the ocean. Being the only non-local in the middle of a thousand Hindus felt like drifting into a parallel world of religious trances, theatric dances, offerings of flowers and animals, and a hundred blessings an hour. The first day some of the people seemed skeptical about my presence. The second day I directly went back to the temple after surfing, this time in a traditional Kebaya. People recognized and accepted me and even guided me to the hidden temples to follow their rital schedule. Although talking with the people was impossible on a verbal basis, we understood each other. Balinese people seem to speak with their hearts anyway. I love traveling and I love backpacking but I am also aware of the effects that it brings. I deeply hope that the Western tourism won´t displace their colorful and pure culture.

Some more impressions:




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